Why this title? Transcendental Harmony

Self-Transcendence means going beyond a prior state of oneself and Harmony brings peaceful union to varying sounds or structures.This blog is for anyone interested in interpersonal  transformation. By transforming the self and finding ways to develop peaceful relationships with other people and with nature, we transcend the physical world and unify spirit. Unity of consciousness comes from an awareness and purposeful response that shifts from an automatic response to a creative and conscious response. This new way of processing helps us create a sense of congruent alignment that is felt in both the physical body and the psycho-spiritual body. One of the most essential features of our human nature is our ability to synthesize experiences into a integral whole. When we listen to music, we hear the synthesis of the individual notes and the individual musical instruments to appreciate the integral whole. When we step into nature, we notice not just the leaf on the tree, but also the sound of the brook and the smell of the scented pines. Each experience is a movement of life which we record with our whole body and whole being. These experiences are woven into the fibers of our being to become the tapestry of our lives. Our lives are not lived in isolation but are connected to the whole of humanity and nature.

I am a psychotherapist with interest in science, arts, technology, sprituality, creativity, resilience, and global activism. My interests extend beyond the intrapsychic and interpersonal to exploring all facets of our interconnecting BEings.  I will share what inspires me and hope that my writings will provoke you to respond to mine or write your own.



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