The Integral Life

The Integral Vision is about synthesizing all of our accumulated knowledge and wisdom in such a way that it forms a coherent pattern that deeply connects with all aspects of our lives. It is up to each of us to deeply explore that which moves us and to remain open to new sources of knowledge. We are living in exciting times where spiritual wisdom is just a click of our fingertips away. Many ancient spiritual writings are available on the internet. In addition, scientific knowledge is accelerating at such a pace that it is difficult to keep abreast of all that is being discovered in realms such as conceptual physics and astronomy. We are constantly having to refine our ideas about what is true. If we keep our minds open to new discoveries and are willing to adjust our ideas about the way we understand things, we can open our consciousness to an expanded understanding of not just the nature of ourselves but also to the nature of reality.

By living an integral life, we are able to accept that everyone has a right to their various interpretations of reality. We can appreciate the integration of some of the best ideas throughout history that have come from each of the major world religions as well as indigenous shamanic practices and occult knowledge. We can also appreciate views that diverge from our own. This does not mean that we accept everything. There are circumstances that require taking a stand against more fundamental traditions that impinge on basic human rights and freedoms. In living an Integral Life, we understand the precious role of the balance of nature and try to live our lives in a way that is respectful  and non-harming to the earth and all her inhabitants.

The Integral Life is one that is formed on constantly seeking to refine knowledge and deepen spiritual practices, while living our lives in the most authentic way we can. None of us are perfect. Error is the way of the human condition, so we are also required to learn to forgive ourselves. The challenge is to learn from our errors and keep seeking the best in ourselves and the best in what we can offer others. The more fully we are able to step into our reality and embrace each moment in mindful presence, the more freedom and fullness we will feel. As we open ourselves to infinite perspectives and refine our ideas, we will feel more fully empowered and better able to tap into a higher vision of ourselves that is fully within our reach. As we manifest own higher vision of ourselves we will also find that we are inspired to contribute in a greater way to the whole of humanity and nature.

It is my hope that this may spur ideas in others that will begin to spark some small change that will lead to some greater connection to the divine mystery of life. We are all part of this together and connected in ways beyond our present knowing.